Sartoria: A Taste of Things to Come

As a relative newbie to the events scene, I headed to the Sartoria feeling a mixture of excited and nervous anticipation. However, after being met with lavish cocktails and miniature bites of joy I thought, yep, I could get used to this.

Everyone was there for the exciting launch of Simone Caporale “the new master of Mixology” at Sartoria who was showcasing three of his bespoke choices of cocktails.

The event was held in the bar, which is a brasserie fashioned room with classic plush velvet chairs and gold lamps. It had an inviting and comfortable feel: an unusual luxury.  We perched at the Librare bar, largely due to the proximity to the bow-tied mixologists.

The Sartoria’s mixologists were offering three different cocktails and of course we tried them all. We started with a White Spritz Prosecco based cocktail complete with a mystery red cube of flavour and a spritz of perfume. I’m not sure I can accept a cocktail without a red cube now. It was wonderful.

Blog post from Hannah Brown, Inspiring venue specialist

28 September 2016

Next, on to the food. The food was incredible, it was packed with flavour and yet still small enough to eat in one bite. There were these cheese bites which are almost indescribable, but they reminded me of the most delicious mini pizzas. I was left wondering if I could drift into the kitchen unnoticed.  I immediately wanted to try everything.

The Sartoria was even kind enough to let me explore their private dining options which were beautifully designed. I loved the private dining for six in the wine room, each bottle carefully selected by the sommelier whose knowledge of wine is so impressive he was sought out by many of the event’s guests.

Overall, the event was filled with excellent food, unbelievable cocktails and wonderful company, and I hope I will get to return very soon and try more of what they have to offer.

I would recommend a look at the private dining space for your next event, the private dining rooms can be combined to seat 50 guests and a reception of up to 70 guests.

Please feel free to get in touch with any requirements and our enthusiastic team of venue specialists look forward to being of service!

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